Why Dünya Marble?

World Marble; It has gained an important place in the sector with its high-tech machinery and experienced personnel. By sizing the block marbles obtained from its quarries, it succeeded in exceeding the targets set in marketing in a very short time.


Marble processing in total 100,000+ Tons per year


7,150 Number of Projects and Applications

About Us

Our company has been involved in the marble export sector for years. For many years, it has been serving to its customers in the field of marble supply, which has an important place in the construction sector, especially for projects abroad. Our company, which has made continuous development and quality understanding a principle since its establishment, is in a position to take firm steps forward in the sector with its years of experience and knowledge, customer-oriented working philosophy, experienced and professional staff and the positive energy it has received from its customers.

  • Long Years of Experience
  • Product variety
  • Quality and Economic
  • Customer happiness
  • Support after sale
  • Service with Expert Team
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Güvenli & Hızlı Lojistik

On the way to becoming
a leader in the sector

Dünya Marble; It is rapidly advancing towards becoming the leader of the marble industry by closely following the technological and all other developments.

Ekonomik Lojistik

Quality &

Dünya Marble; We continue to produce the most economical products on the market, according to their quality.

Müşteri Memnuniyeti


Dünya Marble; cares about customer satisfaction with its knowledgeable, experienced staff, quality products, after-sales service and customer-oriented service.